Szépalma Hotel***

Zirc (Közép-Dunántúl, Veszprém megye)

Telephone: 06-88/468-888
Address: 8429 - Porva-Szépalmapuszta

Szépalma Hotel***


As our everyday life is getting more and more hectic and as a feeling of chaos disturbs our peace, the value of green islands increases. Islands where we can retreat away from the noisy world. Szepalma is such a hideaway place in the heart of the Bakony mountains.

The Eszterhazy family chose beautiful places to build their homes. The ranch of the family is situated on one of the highest points of the Dunantul region of Hungary. It is in the middle of the High-Bakony Mountain and also it is in the neighbourhood of the Koris Mountain. The exceptional surrounding offers varied opportunities for the visitor. Families may enjoy games, adventure and sport programmes. For young couples it provides the opportunity for undisturbed romance and more senior visitors can enjoy the outstanding beauty and calm of nature.

Whilst it may not be easy to find Szepalma, it is even more difficult to leave it...

Room information

Single rooms: 4
Double rooms: 25
Suite in the hotel: 7
Apartments (70 meters from the hotel): 4
Room suitable for the physically disabled: 2.


- Unobstracted
- Parking lot
- WiFi
- Restaurant
- Pet friendly
- Sauna
- Massage
- TV in room
- Apartment
- Child-friendly
- Conference room

Finn sauna, infrasauna, steam cabin, salt room, massage, bicycles, horse carriage ride, horse riding lessons for children, table tennis room, table football, Nordic walking sticks, sledges, cross country skis, horse driven sleigh, forest sports field and an outdoor cable adventure course.


It comes to a point when one has enough of tight schedules, hecticness and when one would like to forget about where and why he should be rushing. If we manage to stop for a second, we can notice things that would otherwise be insignificant or beyond our sensations. The "gourmand" hidden within us would be revealed. We take our time to taste and smell delicacies.

It is exactly the feeling that Szepalma offers. It is really worth it forgetting about time here for a short while. We are wandering on the hunting ground of King Matyas. Here it has traditions of rest, wine, singing and food. We respect the traditions. Those who wish to rest and recharge in Szepalma, will become participants of pleasant pampering. As a result of thorough preparations, they will receive what they deserve: quality service and friendly hospitality.