Media offer

You have to try this. If you don’t try it, you are not giving yourself and your hotel a chance to get the attention of clients, that other hotels in the same price category, that are already registered will. We only work with 3-, 4-, and 5- star hotels, so there’s absolutely no danger of finding a low category accomodation or guesthouse while searching.

The basic appearance on the site is free and it includes the following services: name of the hotel, Adress of the hotel (region, county, city), Category of the hotel (*), type of the hotel (wellness, castle, thermal, conferency, other), short (textual) introduction of the hotel including program-choices, room-types, representative parameters/ informations of the rooms, Prices of the types of rooms, conferency room ( equippment-wise), approach, phone, email contacts, webpage, uploading pictures.

You can chose accentuated appearance for your hotel, which is not included in the free offer. You can chose and change (monthly) the suitable premium offer, such as: Topical bargains, unlimited number of pictures available, being listed on accentuated/premium offers, video introduction int he video gallery, appearance on main banner

For appearing on the site, you have to contact our collague, who will send you a username and a password to your email address, which will lead you to our register site, where you can find more information about us. After learning of the details, you can register.