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Hétkúti Wellness Hotel****

Mór (Közép-Dunántúl, Fejér megye)

Telephone: 06-22/563-080
Address: 8060 Mór, Dózsa György út 111.

Hétkúti Wellness Hotel****


In the region of Mór growing vine is a more hundred year old tradition. The Romans brought the first vine-shoots. During the Ottoman period the vineyards desolated, the village became almost uninhabited. Horse Restaurant The new laird called German settlers to his lordship, until the end of the 17th century the settlement happened in more waves. According to the traditions, the first seven families settled down here from the Black Forest in Germany. They were: Ábele, Eisele, Hippele, Négele, Rimele, Schindele and Wundele. These families built their houses at the bottom of Kecske Hill in the ground, where they also built a pump. The use of this one pump became the cause of disagreement. The judge of the village disposed that all families should have one. The place of living of the families still has the name of Hétkúti field. The houses disappeared, the area is settled again but not with German ethnic families. Hétkúti field gives a home to our hotel and the 29-hectare big Horse Park at the bottom of Vértes Hills. On the wall of the Horse Park painted seven streamlets empties to a common tree that symbolizes how joined from the first 7 families the German ethnic genus of Mór. You can meet such traditions if you visit us.

Room information

Our hotel has 10 Standard , 18 Premium and 3 Superior rooms and 4 suites. The rooms are furnished with Voglauer furniture made by the Austrian Voglauer factory that represents the modern elegance. A speciality of our hotel is the honeymoon suite that waits for the honeymooners with Austrian folk furniture and a tent-bed.
Room categories
Standard Category:

A 23 sq big room has a small hall and a bathroom. There is a TV set, a telephone and mini bar in the room. Most of the rooms are downstairs.

A 23 sq big room has a big hall and a big bathroom. There is a TV set, a telephone, a mini bar, wired Internet access and air conditioning in the room. Rooms are upstairs.

The 40 sq big room has a spacious hall and a big bathroom. In the bathroom, there is a bathtub. There is a TV set, a telephone, a mini bar, wired Internet access and air conditioning in the room.

2 separated rooms. One of the rooms is a superior one and the other room is smaller and is like the Accentuated I. room. A combined spacious hall and a big bathroom connect the two rooms. All the rooms have a TV set, a telephone, a mini bar, wired Internet access and air conditioning.
De Luxe Suit:

2 separated rooms. One of the rooms is a superior one and the other room is smaller and is like the Accentuated I. room. A combined spacious hall and a big bathroom connect the two rooms. A 60 sq balcony belongs to the suite. All the rooms have a TV set, a telephone, a mini bar, wired Internet access and air conditioning. There is an infra cubicle in the huge bathroom.


- Unobstracted
- Parking lot
- WiFi
- Air conditioned
- Elevator
- Restaurant
- Pet friendly
- Sauna
- Tanning salon
- Indoor pool
- Massage
- Gym
- TV in room
- Safe in room
- Laundry
- Conference room
- Jacuzzi
- Beauty care

Enjoy our ‘Water-World’ service that is more than 200 m2 big. We paid attention while we developed our Wellness part to the pleasant and warm inner place so that adults as well as children could enjoy this place. Our Water-World pictures an underwater world, where you can see a fish from the wrought iron. Water-World Brown, blue and green colours run into each other that are only broken by the waves representing water. There is a spectacular view to the outer practice field of the Horse Park, to the Mediterranean sunbathing terrace but our guests can see the beautiful view of Vértes Hills as well. In the Inner Place running waves continue in the strata of Vértes.
In such a nice and pleasant environment, you can relax, have a rest and loosen your body and soul. It is the Water-World.
Different types of massages, body curing, dross-and salt packs and our aroma cubicle ensure the complete relaxing for you…
If you feel desire for warmness, sauna is a part of healthy life. Choose from among our different types: traditional Finnish sauna, 60 ºC shine therapy sauna and the infra cubicle. Using a sauna keeps away stress, assists good sleep, shakes up the muscles and abets to keep away harmful substances…
Our services in Wellness section:

* 5×12 m long, 1,2 deep swimming pool with streaming against device and neck shower massaging
* Jacuzzi with chest massaging and bubbles
* 60 cm deep and 4,2 m wide swimming pool for children with waterfall
* Kneipp pool
* Aroma cubicle
* Wellness 60 °C shine therapy sauna
* 90 °C Finnish sauna
* Infra cubicle
* Fitness room with Technogym Cardio machines
* Mirror room – with aerobic and other gym exercise
* California underwater hydro massaging tub
* Ergoline solarium
* Massaging
* Manicure – Pedicure
* Hair dresser’s
* Beautician
* Green Apple Bar
* 31 May – 30 September sandy sunbathing terrace with deck-chairs from the arctic Ocean
Pamper your body and soul and entrust you to professional hands. In our beautician saloon, we wait for our guests with instalments of high quality, with the German Babor products and with individual treating.

In our hairdresser’s we also deal with making hair and giving advice.

Our Manicure-Pedicure service waits for the guest with wide offers.

If you are tired, tense, you have pain or you just want to relax take a choice from our massage proposal.
Hétkúti Horse Park opened in 2001. Our aim is to join with the people who love horses, coach-drivers, saddle-horse riders. Our beautiful riding arena waits for its guests with 29 English boxes and a nice 20×60 m big covered arena and an open-air practice field.

Hétkúti Horse Park offers a lot of good services for its guest. More information is under points: ‘riding-school’, ‘other services’ and ‘Hétkúti Horse Club’.

If you would like to read more information about our horse park, visit our blog site where you can find all the information about horse parks and you can have a sight into the every day’s life of the Hétkúti Horse Park.


The Horse restaurant belonging to our Horse Park has a special feeling. The Restaurant represents the old Austrian style alloyed with Fachwerksbauer style. To the equipments ancient, 150 years old pine tree and blazoned bricks were used completed with modern architectural substances. Horse restaurant The result is a warm and pleasant inner place emitting a unique atmosphere.

The bar is the most intimate corner of the restaurant decorated with old rustic tools in the middle of the more than 10 m long bar that relays the biggest attraction to the night guests where nice and friendly staff welcomes the guests.
In front of the bar, there are sitting boxes where you can have a chat cuddling. The dividers among the boxes ensure you the feeling of being alone meantime being together. Looking through the big window you can follow your relatives’ riding abilities.

Besides the perfect surrounding, we wait with a perfect cuisine our guests. In our offer next to the dishes of the international cuisine, the German ethnic dishes have also a place in the sun. Horse restaurant If you choose light dishes and healthy lifestyle, we offer special dishes of our menu card.
In accordance with our chef can also make a special offer in the terms of wellness for the guests. Our restaurant is suitable for organising different family, business or other events. In good weather, you can use our big terrace for 35 people where from you can enjoy not only culinary pleasure but also the beautiful panorama of Vértes.

Meeting & Conference

Our hotel is a perfect place for conferences, trainings business meetings, family programmes and other events. We are available for our guests with professional equipments in a pleasant surrounding. The 29-hectare park is an excellent place for outdoor programmes, free-time activities, sport events and family occasions.

Under roof we can ensure boarding and programmes for 700 people in the same time.

Destination / accessibility


From Budapest 90 km far away
By car: across M7 motorway up to Székesfehérvár, then the 81 main road towards Győr.
By bus: direct bus libe from Népliget, Budapest to Mór, or with bus change through Székesfehérvár.
By train: from East or West Train Station up to Székesfehérvár,
then the Székesfehérvár- Komárom line up to Mór.

From Wien 180 km far away
By car: from airport of Schwehat through the A4 motorway, then from Hegyeshalom up to Győr through M1 motorway, then on the 81 main road towards Székesfehérvár.
By train: from “Westbahnhof” up to Győr, then with train change
on the Komárom- Székesfehérvár line to Mór.

If you ask, we can provide transfer from the bus or the train station.